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SXSWedu 2017

Learning, Memory and Knowledge Post-Google

Seth Godin famously argued that there is “zero value in memorizing anything ever again.” In the post-Google, mobile era, where information is constantly at our fingertips, this may very well be true, but how does this cultural shift away from memorization actually impact knowledge and learning? In fact, memory may be more important than ever in role as the foundational knowledge from which our learning (and information seeking) takes shape.

In this talk, Andrew Smith Lewis will look at the science of memory, and how technology is changing the cultural value of memory and knowledge. He’ll also explore the tradeoffs we may be making in the post-Google era as how we learn evolves.

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  1. How does technology impact the cultural value and perception of memory and knowledge?
  2. What does learning look like and how does it manifest in the “post-Google era”?
  3. What effect does memorization have on building and growing foundational knowledge?



Michelle Looney, Dir of Mktg, Cerego

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