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SXSW 2017

The Un-Tabooing of Womanhood

Menstruation, underarm hair, orgasmic meditation — previously taboo aspects of femininity are being bought to the forefront by new-wave feminism, alternative women’s interest media and a fresh string of outspoken heroines, celebrities and blogs. This new spirit of rebellious openness is creating a fresh set of rules, and new expectations that brands. It’s also creating a climate of scrutiny for brands that get things wrong—from their messaging to their visual language to, god forbid, applying a luxury tax to tampons. Meanwhile new wave of challenger brands is on the rise. Get it wrong and you get called out. How can brands navigate this new, straight-talking mood? We explore it here.

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  1. How is new-wave feminism, social media, and Generation Z impacting on images, dialogue, and womanhood in media and pop culture?
  2. What new topics are on the table, and in the masses, that brands should be aware of? and where might they be called out?
  3. How can brands navigate this new up-front, outspoken, female generation?



Lucie Greene, Worldwide Dir, The Innovation Group, J Walter Thompson Intelligence

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