SXSW 2017

Textual Healing? Storytelling & the Death of Words


In a world where printed words are on the path to extinction as people communicate via emoticons, selfies and images, brands and consumers alike are learning how to convey their ideas in a simple, visual way. Gen Zs are no longer interested in words and are deviating from notions of a two-dimensional online world.
Join Pinterest for an informative workshop on the importance of visual assets and how to tell an entire story with images and/or videos. This workshop teaches brands and marketers how to use social platforms appropriately, keeping visual and engaging content at the forefront of every pin. In today’s digital world, we need to live by a new adage: first comes image, then comes text.

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  1. What does the future of creative storytelling and brand engagement look like, especially with younger generations?
  2. What data currently exists to support the notion of an increase in purely visual content and a decline in traditional text?
  3. How are mobile platforms changing to accommodate this shift in the way people engage with content?



Sara Penchina, Acct Coord, DiGennaro Communications

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