SXSW 2017

When AI Surpasses Human Intelligence

According to roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro, we will be living in robotic societies in the next 3-5 years. Geoffrey Hinton, considered the Godfather of deep learning, who splits his time between Google and the University of Toronto, believes machines could match human abilities in "more than five years."Join this lively debate about how AI, machine learning and deep learning could bridge the gap between human and machine, create augmented consumer experiences, exploring the intended and unintended consequences for brands, marketing and agencies.

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  1. How can AI bridge the gap between human and machine?
  2. What really is AI?
  3. How can AI help automate our decision making?


  • Dave Meeker, Vice President, Isobar
  • Justine Bloome, head of strategy, innovation, Carat


Justine Bloome, EVP, Head of Strategy, Carat

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