SXSW 2017

Investing in the Legal Marijuana Space


In most industries, you can fund a business by getting a loan from a bank or acquiring investment capital from institutional investment firms. However, in the marijuana industry, it’s more difficult because marijuana’s stigma and federal criminal status makes it hard to obtain funding for business operations. Now, capital is starting to flow into this nascent industry and that is allowing a new breed of entrepreneurs to enter the marketplace. This panel will explore what stood in the way of investing in marijuana businesses and how those barriers are lifting.

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  1. How were initial marijuana businesses able to launch with such limited access to start-up capital?
  2. What shifts have taken place to allow more entrepreneurs to start marijuana businesses in recent years?
  3. How will the future of marijuana and investing continue to evolve, and what must happen to encourage more growth in the marijuana investment sector?



Troy Dayton, CEO, The ArcView Group

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