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SXSW 2017

Videoclips for deaf people: sinesthesic experience

Deaf people go to the cinema, regardless there is few productions thought for this public. They also “listen” to music, in a different way, they feel it. To call atention to this audience and to democratize the access to entertainment - as proposed by "Legend for those who do not hear, but get touched" campaign - the 4th edition of Short Brasilia - International Short Film Festival held Deaf Cine - the sound and sense, presenting short films for deaf public. Besides the films, the audience also attended to a the presentation of the percussive group Surdodum. This case will show how embracing the culture of a special group of a society can broaden horizons, especially on creative industry.

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  1. How can deaf people participate on cinema as audience?
  2. How videoclips can be a different experience for a new audience?
  3. How can creators bring up inclusive content for deaf audience?



Ana Arruda Neiva, Dir Brasília/DF, Era Transmidia

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