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SXSW 2017

Managing a brand attack on social media

This interactive workshop will simulate a crisis as it breaks on social media and online channels in real time. Working in teams, attendees will log in to a social media simulator to manage the crisis as it unfolds. They will experience the speed at which it spreads online, and work to neutralise the situation. They will create crisis strategies, statements and live posts on simulated social channels to manage the public perception of the brand, as a live team behind the scenes mimics the public response to the crisis – both good and bad.

During the workshop, the teams will learn best practice on online crisis management, and a feedback session will show how the teams have fared.

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  1. How can I manage my brand’s reputation if we’re attacked on social media?
  2. What is current best practice in managing a crisis online?
  3. What are the tools and processes I should put in place to avert a crisis within my company?



Sarah Wilkinson, PR Mgr, Polpeo

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