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SXSW 2017

Disrupting The Wedding Industry

What does it take to disrupt an industry that hasn't changed in centuries? Apparently just a city girl with a wild idea, random craigslist post and ability to capitalize on a viral news story turning it into a major brand and household name overnight. Meet the startup siblings Jen and Jason Glantz who decided to drop everything and spend a week together thinking of a master plan to take the NYC professional bridesmaid Craigslist post that went viral globally on 500+ media outlets and turn it into a successful business. Learn how they paired their diverse backgrounds in Public Relations, Marketing and Digital to take a social experiment from nothing to something over the course of two years.

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  1. How do you capitalize on and ride the wave when your idea or project goes viral?
  2. What does it take to bootstrap your business idea and launch an MVP fast and furiously?
  3. How do you listen to your customers and know when to pivot or evolve your business?



Jay Glantz, CXO, Bridesmaid for Hire

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