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Confessions of a Community Moderator

Back by popular demand, we bring you Community Confessions. Double agent. First Responder. Cheerleader. They’re all fair descriptors of the now prevalent role of Community Manager. Whether you are one yourself or just morbidly curious about “the man behind the curtain,” you know there are incredible stories from those who have the rare opportunity to interact with both the brand and the customers. No matter how much they love their communities, moderators have their fair share of “I can’t believe this is happening” moments. All in real time. Returning for the second year, we’re here to confirm you are not alone. With moderators from Hard Rock, Betty Crocker and Jim Beam, we'll come together to share, commiserate and learn about the latest and greatest best practices in technology, fan management, governance and more from those representing a diverse array of brands. Come for the vent session; stay for the camaraderie and tips for staying sane.

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Alison Fraker, Associate Social Planner, Critical Mass

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