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Capability, Comfort, Calm—High Quality Health Care


It’s a simple concept: most patients define health in terms of capability (the ability to do what’s important to them), comfort (relief from the pain and anxiety) and calm (reducing or eliminating the chaos in health care). By understanding the three dimensions for different conditions, care givers can offer more effective treatment that’s better aligned with patients’ health and lives—and improve care by measuring outcomes across all three areas. This duo of experts, transformative care leaders who’ve authored a book on the subject, will demonstrate how this intuitive but revolutionary approach is transforming health around the world—and how innovators can accelerate the transformation.

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  1. Why hasn’t the health care system already embraced these concepts?
  2. What are the barriers to improving capability, comfort and calm at a system-wide level?
  3. How can outcomes be measured in these areas?



Stephen Scheibal, Dir of Media Relations & Community Engagement, Dell Medical School at UT Austin

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