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SXSW 2017

From “Doing Digital” to “Being Digital”

Companies such as Google, Uber, and Facebook possess a specific set of characteristics that enable them to thrive. The DNA of “digitally native” companies put technology at the core of everything they do. Traditional companies, in order to remain competitive and avoid disruption, are actively expanding their efforts and investments in digital. However, “doing digital” is not the same as “being digital.” This session will highlight some of the most important characteristics of digital natives, and offer practical advice to help traditional companies rewire their DNA for the future without undermining how they achieved success in the past.

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  1. What are the distinct characteristic of digitally native companies?
  2. Where do traditional companies fall short in their digital transformations?
  3. What can traditional companies do to rewire their digital DNA?



Nicole Walker, PR Support , Deloitte Digital

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