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SXSW 2017

Music: Far Far Away from the sound

Branding content, platform & Ideas involving music.How Spotify, Deezer, Stayfilm, Netshowme, Clapme, opening fields for working with music , without doing it. Actions, comfort, excitement, humanization as some advantages to think music as part of a business.Dimas Dion will show it!
Renan Serrano, experienced at SxSw and in entrepreneurial ideas crossing over universes (fashion tech), talk about clothes, criativity, and music..
Vanessa Mathias loves innovation, trends & behavior. Mix travel, work, writing and festivals around the world!
Herbert Mota as a brazilian reference surviving very well through making music a great deal! Living in NYC. Studios & entertainment.agency!

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  1. 'What rays' fashion has to do with music?!
  2. Music as a strong element of incentive tourism.
  3. Entertainment agencies, studios, planning careers, platforms and new ideas to spread and promote music. And use it to promote, also.



Herbert Mota, Entertainment Marketing Owner, Kal911 / NaCena Studios / H.A.M.nyc.

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