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SXSW 2017

Untapped Benefits of the Quantified Self

Mobile devices, fitness trackers and endless streams of personal data have become ever more present in guiding how we live our lives, but what about data that can optimize how we think and apply your strengths to greater purpose?

Using the lens of new learning technologies and analytics as a focus, Andrew Smith Lewis will look at how we can effectively measure, understand, and most importantly, apply new personalized data to help us mentally perform at our best. What are the untapped benefits of a more quantified mind, and how can this shift in thinking guide us to make more impactful decisions? Can better data on our brains help us lead better lives?

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  1. How can we become more in tune with the quantified self and mind?
  2. How can we use data to help us realize and achieve our full potential?
  3. What types of benefits can we reap from more effectively quantifying our mind?



Michelle Looney, Dir of Mktg, Cerego

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