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SXSWedu 2017

Empowering Educators to Shape the Web

Empowering educators to shape the Web empowers youth to shape society. We must inspire educators to dream and to harness the potential of next-generation, gigabit-speed internet-connectivity that can make any learning environment imaginable possible.

What if every student could utilize studio-grade audio tools from a web browser on any computer or connect with peers in classrooms across the country to collaborate seamlessly? What if stepping into any classroom or library really meant stepping into anywhere we can imagine? With gig-speeds, it is possible.

How do we support a community of practice for educational innovation that will advance the promise of the Internet for learning?

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  1. Participants will become familiar the basic framework of Web Literacy, how it maps to 21st Century skills and why it matters from CS to ELA.
  2. Participants will become familiar with specific tools and curriculum that can leverage next-generation, high-speed connectivity.
  3. Participants will gain a better understanding of local, state and industry partnerships for bridging the digital divide.



Robert Friedman, Portfolio Strategist, Hive Austin, Mozilla Foundation

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