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SXSW 2017

If All The World Were A Clinical Trial

In the age of wearables, smartphones and other personal trackers, researchers are realizing that the rich and valuable data generated by these devices can be instrumental in improving patient outcomes and making intelligent trial decisions. Yet, the sheer volume, velocity, and variety of information leads to difficulties in reliable interpretation.

What would happen if we could effectively parse the signal from the noise?

Dr. Rubin and Dr. Volchenboum will use insights from an ongoing study at the University of Chicago to explore the difficult problem the pharma industry is facing and demonstrate what’s possible when researchers leverage wearable data to inform trial endpoints.

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  1. What critical technical challenge(s) do you need to plan for when incorporating wearables into clinical trials?
  2. What key component is needed to ensure broad success using wearables in clinical trials?
  3. How do researchers account for accuracy and precision problems with widely available consumer devices? Can we normalize data against some standard?



Brittany Solano, PR & Mktg , Jones-Dilworth Inc

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