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SXSW 2017

Engaje audience with VR, from Pókemon Go to Mars

We are living in an flash food in the production of content/apps, on Virtual Reality. All major studios, camera manufacturers, and the overall audiovisual industry, are with the eyes facing the business, that the VR world is offering, in new revenue opportunities, as investment in marketing for brand positioning. The audience, gradually becomes enchanted with the VR, and specialized vehicles in VR content, are still discovering, and finding where the best titles, will delight the audience, is the challenge of content players. This panel show the most viewed content in RV, and how the audience is reacting to all this, both in physiological aspects, such as acceptance of this new technology.

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  1. What are the best content production practices and RV apps?
  2. What the audience and the general public are thinking and feeling, with this flood of RV content?
  3. What care industry need to watch, to get the high return on investment with this technology? Who will die who will survive?



Rodrigo D Arnaut, Dir, Mundo360

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