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SXSW 2017

Transmedia cases research vision around the world

This panel will bring together a diversity of experts from around the world, pioneers in the research and development of transmidiaticos projects, whether in advertising or entertainment. Professionals who founded study groups in Transmedia, the US, Europe and South America. We will show participants the SXSW strength that public engagement with multiplatform projects brings brands and studios, building franchises and tools for very long lifespan of new businesses within the creative economy.
They will be presented in addition to the research, cases that experts worked for months, and they were able to reach the most diverse audiences that are consuming a huge amount of medias!

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  1. Because transmedia is the future planning for public reach increasingly dispersed?
  2. Where seek knowledge to develop such complex projects, use of multiple media?
  3. Which countries, authors and brands are benefiting from transmedia strategies, and which cases can verify the success or failure of these actions?



Rodrigo Arnaut, Pres, EraTransmidia

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