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SXSW 2017

Design Thinking & Doing: An Experiential View

Design Thinking is one of today’s hottest business trends, and event marketers are quickly discovering why. The ideation and problem-solving strategies used by top designers and industry leaders have turned out to be game-changing for building more responsive and effective experiential campaigns, too. Sit in on a rapid-fire master class to get up-to-speed on how Design Thinking works, how you can apply it to event experiences and how this innovative approach to solving business challenges with design, content and data can create more powerful and meaningful attendee experiences. Walk away with an action plan in hand on how to infuse design thinking – and doing – into your brand experiences.

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  1. What is Design Thinking and how can it be applied to experience marketing? What’s constant and what’s changing?
  2. What are the Five Key Trends/Insights shaping the future of experiences?
  3. What are the Ten Principles of Experiential Design Thinking Inspiration?


Kurt Miller, SCP, Strategy & Planning , George P Johnson Experience Marketing

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