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Creating within Constraints: New Meets Old

Want to start something new, creative, or different for students, but you aren’t sure how to do that within the constraints of your traditional school environment? Speakers will lead workshop participants in the design of an innovative, transformational learning experience specific to their personal context and constraints. How might we create a school within a school, a unique program, a learner-centered experience? We will leverage collective thinking to consider instructional needs, community building, public relations, student and parent buy-in, recruiting and developing teachers, managing interdisciplinary content, scheduling, assessment, and innovative instructional practices.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Identify goals within your personal context, and design a learning experience, big or small, with unique constraints as creative inspiration.
  2. Create an action plan with steps to put into place upon returning home to bring your transformational learning experience to fruition.
  3. Engage with wide-ranging ideas to create a school within a school, a unique program, or a learner-centered experience suited to your specific needs.



Ashley Auspelmyer, Lead Teacher, Richland School District 2 Westwood High School

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