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SXSW 2017

The Missing Middle: Women in Management Roles

In between the nearly half of women who are in entry-level positions and the less than a quarter of women who are in the C-suite sits the “missing middle.” By reaching this segment of women leaving their careers before they reach upper-management level position, we have the ability to transform the strength of our companies, women of all ages, and even the U.S. economy. The “missing middle” where women fall off of the corporate ladder is also key to gender balance in the workplace and closing the wage gap. This session will explore how women can overcome challenges, achieve work-life balance, and get to the next level of leadership.

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  1. How can we make it different for the women in the missing middle?
  2. How can we accelerate progress on achieving gender parity in leadership?
  3. What lessons can we impart on women coming up from behind us in our own lives?



Jill Feldman, SVP, Allison+Partners

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