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SXSW 2017

Lessons from Outside Music

The music industry is at a pivotal juncture. So is gaming and eSports, the next billion dollar entertainment industry. New technologies, like VR & AR, are exploding with popularity with more mainstream adoption. Emerging markets are innovating in unexpected ways. But what can this all mean for the music industry and its future?

Providing different insight into how the music industry can learn from other entertainment industries & markets, this panel presents perspectives from gaming (Craig Fletcher, Multiplay), technology & media research (Paul Lee, Deloitte), and emerging markets (Catherine Lückhoff, NicheStreem), with music economist & big data expert Chris Carey moderating.

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  1. What are the impacts that adapting models & strategies from other entertainment industries could have on the future of music industry?
  2. Which alternative entertainment industries' or market approaches have the most value for application in the music industry, and why?
  3. What developments and trends in technology and entertainment outside of the music industry should we be aware of in the coming years?



Michael Deacon, Head of UX, FastForward Events Ltd

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