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Who Owns the Data? Self-Tracking to Health 2.0


Privacy regulations were created with consumer protection in mind, but today consumers often feel as though their own health data is on lockdown. While the healthcare system is in the midst of reform, what must we do to put the massive quantities of data it holds to more efficient use for the community? Could we reengineer the system so that consumers--and the growing number of e-patients--own and control their own health data and could use it to make the process of their care and that of their families more convenient? Could government and industry uncover opportunities to bring public and private data to bear in creating innovative solutions to the world's healthcare problems? In this 60-minute dual, Government 2.0 Journalist Alex Howard and Martha Wofford, head of Aetna's consumer platform, discuss the challenges and opportunities of a more open health data ecosystem.

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  1. Who owns consumer health data today? What systemic and technologic challenges must we first identify and tackle?
  2. How do we strike the right balance between privacy, empowerment and convenience?
  3. What role does the quantified self movement play? And agency initiatives? What will be the ultimate promise of big data?
  4. What does each stakeholder—consumer, healthcare provider, payor—have to gain through increased data access? Are there other key players?
  5. What are the key hurdles and how do we get over them?


  • Martha Wofford, Vice President, Head of CarePass Platform, Aetna
  • Alex Howard, Washington Correspondent, O'Reilly Media


Melissa Case, Community Manager, Aetna

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