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SXSWedu 2017

Facilitating Difficult Conversations

In our current social climate, educators are responsible for facilitating uncomfortable conversations related to race, gender, and politics. Whether a new or veteran facilitator, challenges arise in leading these discussions. In this interactive workshop, we will learn to effectively address participant disengagement, arguments, and divisiveness. We will also examine our social identities (race, gender, etc.), and explore how participants are impacted by oppression. Addressing oppression as a root of facilitation challenges will enable you to overcome nuanced issues that derail groups, empower you to create a safe space, and manage common facilitation challenges effectively and successfully.

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  1. Outline key responsibilities and attributes of an effective facilitator
  2. Troubleshoot common facilitation challenges
  3. Apply an anti-oppression lens to your practice to uncover opportunities for stronger facilitation



Natalie Thoreson, Anti-Oppression & Social Justice Education Consultant/Educator/Activist, Founder, InVision Consulting

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