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SXSW 2017

The Political Is Personal

In an atmosphere of seismic political events in the US and the UK, wealth disparity, racial tension and social unrest—disseminated in a nanosecond over social media platforms—we are seeing the emergence of a newly politicized consumer. One who, increasingly, is not afraid to voice opinions on any injustice, misstep, world event, badly behaved politician, organization or brand.

For SXSW Interactive, The Innovation Group—J. Walter Thompson’s futures and consumer insight think tank—is partnering with video ad tech company Unruly, the leading social video advertising company, to share original data on the relationship between digital video and this phenomenon.

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  1. What does this new era look like when everyone from Beyoncé to Emma Watson is an activist?
  2. What are the driving forces of change, and how are social digital platforms and live video integral to this shift?
  3. What are the implications for markets and brands?



Shepherd Laughlin, Dir of Trend Forecasting, J Walter Thompson Intelligence

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