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SXSWedu 2017

EDUBOTS - Lessons from pedagogical chatbots

Pedagogical chatbots is about to be introduced at Scandinavian universities. The bots use pedagogical methods to trigger student engagement

The session will include key learnings from a lecturer at University of Oslo and his students using the pedagogical chatbots.

- What will the students ask the chatbot?
- Will the chatbot increase the activity between lecturers?
- How will the students experience the chatbots?

The chatbots are a part of a $1M research project including University of Oslo, BI Norwegian Business School among others.

Pst. Of course, you can a chat with a pedagogical chatbot yourself :)

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  1. What to expect from a chatbot in university courses? Set the expectations rights. Understand what a bot can and can’t do.
  2. What are the main pitfalls with chatbots and how to avoid them?
  3. How to set the expectations right to the students? Setting the stage is important for the students to get a good experience.



Geir Sand Nilsen, VP New Business, EdTech Foundry

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