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SXSW 2017

AI on the Horizon: Challenges, Directions, Futures

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at an inflection point and is poised to move into the open world and into our lives in numerous ways that will have numerous influences on people and society. While AI promises to provide great value, along with the promises and aspirations come concerns about potential costs, failures, and rough edges. Concerns include failures of automation in safety-critical domains, influences on jobs and economy, use of biased data and algorithms, and runaway AI. I address short- and longer-term challenges and touch on reflections and studies including the AAAI Asilomar Study and the One Hundred Year Study on AI at Stanford University.

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  1. What are key opportunities and concerns with deploying AI in the open-world?
  2. What are best practices for fielding trustworthy AI in such safety-critical areas as self-driving cars and healthcare?
  3. What are the potential socioeconomic consequences of AI and how might we best address concerns so as to reap the societal benefits promised by AI?



Eric Horvitz, Technical Fellow & Dir Microsoft Research, Microsoft

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