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SXSW 2017

Translating Tech: Drop The Jargon; Say It Straight

Startups and technology vendors are competing in incredibly crowded markets today. Yet many of them can't explain what they do because they're obsessed with meaningless jargon. This has created an environment of confusion and standoffishness with the decision makers they need to appeal to.

Join Fitz Maro, Senior Innovation Strategist at 360i and AdAge 2016 "Creative You Should Know," as he discusses the importance of translating complex tech offerings and opportunities into straightforward and approachable terms. From vetting dozens of ad-tech pitches, to explaining complicated tech to CMOs and creative directors, he's learned how powerful an understandable pitch and positioning can be.

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  1. What are the major drawbacks of startup/tech jargon when pitching to important decision makers?
  2. How should startups and technology vendors position themselves for clarity and actionability?
  3. How can you best explain a complex, involved technology offering without falling into the trap of using jargon?


  • Joseph "Fitz" Maro, 360i


Joseph "Fitz" Maro, Senior Innovation Strategist, 360i

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