SXSW 2017

IoT, VR & AI, Oh My! The Impending Tech Skills Gap

The future is now, and many businesses are just waking up to it. Tesla, Mercedes, and Apple are racing to get self-driving cars on the road in as little as two years. VR is anticipated to be an $80 billion market by 2025. Facebook has engineers building AI… to build more AI. Businesses - big & small - need to vie for the competitive advantage these technologies represent. But, how do you get the talent you need when there are no experts and very few trained professionals? This session will highlight how business leaders can transform their workforce to address this impending tech skills gap in order to take advantage of these uniquely massive business opportunities.

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  1. What are the coming technological trends businesses must start preparing for?
  2. What are the specific skills both professionals & companies should start investing in?
  3. What tactical measures can companies take to transform their workforce in preparation for these advancing technological changes?



Kirsten Bailey, Employer Relations, Udacity

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