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SXSWedu 2017

STEM Data Collection with Physics Toolbox Apps

Turn your Android or iOS smartphone into a STEM data collection mobile sensor tool using the free "Physics Toolbox Suite" app designed for high school and higher education. With only a smartphone, engage in activities to measure motion, pressure, magnetic fields, light, sound, and more, to support conceptual development in STEM learning. In the span of only a few minutes, collect enough data to allow you to (1) infer aspects of Newton's Laws (physics), (2) measure the magnetic field strength of the Earth (Earth science), (3) rate environmental noise and its impact on hearing (bio), (4) measure height of the room's ceiling (engineering), and (5) determine altitude from pressure (chemistry).

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  1. Identify existing hardware sensors in smartphones that can be used to collect meaningful data for STEM education.
  2. Collect and visualize five or more types of sensor data using Physics Toolbox Suite.
  3. Analyze one or more data sets using Physics Toolbox Suite in order to engage in conceptual learning and/or practices in STEM.



Chrystian Vieyra, Chief Technology Officer, Vieyra Software

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