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SXSW 2017

Emotional Cities: How Streetscapes Shape Emotions

The Empire State Building is not only the global icon of New York City, it’s a beacon that reflects the cultural zeitgeist, responds to our collective emotions, and creates a technicolor canvas for millions of people around the world. As responsive screens and surfaces continue to permeate our streetscapes, this 85 year young landmark is the leading example of how cities and brands can leverage physical and digital assets to extend their reach and deepen connections. During our fireside chat, we’ll discuss how the Empire State Building out-trended the #SuperBowl during the big game, why people look up when their emotions are down, and how lights are only part of the story.

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  1. How does an office building in NYC become a major global brand? What can other brands learn from its approach to physical and digital engagement?
  2. From the Orlando tragedy to Prince's death to Derek Jeter’s retirement, why does imagery in cities foster emotional responses across geographic lines?
  3. Are imagery and lighting the streetscape’s version of the hashtag?



Angela Heuer, Communications Mgr, Intersection

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