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SXSW 2017

How to be a Digital Nomad and Survive Everywhere

How to be a Digital Nomad and survive everywhere.

Tips ans tricks to obtain remote jobs from everywhere.

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  2. How to become an influencer in its segment and attract projects from around the world.
  3. How to publishing strategic content and generate new jobs.


  • Alexsandro Anunciato, Growth Hacker, Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategist, EraTransmidia
  • Dimas Dion , Communication Director, EraTransmidia
  • Rodrigo Dias Arnaut, President, EraTransmidia
  • Vanessa Mathias, Innovation and Future Trends Consultant, EraTransmidia


Alexsandro Anunciato, Growth Hacker Digital Mktg & Social Media Strategist, EraTransmidia

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