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SXSW 2017

Behind the Camera: Influencer Video Production

This is the story of 5 influencers picked to fly to Olay HQ to meet with a scientist and have their experience filmed for a national campaign. But no one ever tells you what happens when the cameras are off. This panel looks at the planning, preparation and production efforts that go into pulling together an influencer collaboration at scale. We take you behind the scenes to show you what really goes into a YouTube influencer activation. Creative Taco, ED, Matt Dessner and gen.video, President, Jessica Thorpe will share tips, advice and mishaps on how to plan for a shoot, negotiate with influencers, deliver on brand expectations and make sure everyone has fun while filming.

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  1. How to find the right influencers that know how to turn it on when the cameras are on, but also understand the business of keeping things under wraps.
  2. Understand how to balance the creative authenticity that makes an influencer great, while ensure you capture everything you need for brand messaging.
  3. Learn how to budget for a production of any size to meet your influencer marketing and content objectives.



Jessica Thorpe, Pres, gen.video

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