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Making the Legal System Consumer-Centric

Have a legal problem? Ask a robot. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) can provide legal advice, can help lawyers research cases, and technology can resolve parking tickets. And it’s about time. The legal system has been lumbering along in 1985, but even it can’t hide from innovation. Join Kevin Goldsmith, CTO of Avvo, an online legal marketplace; Andrew Arruda, CEO of ROSS Intelligence, an online legal research firm; Joshua Browder, founder of DoNotPay, a company contesting parking tickets via chatbot; and Lisa Colpoys, Executive Director of Illinois Legal Aid Online, to hear how technology is changing the way legal help is delivered and why it matters.

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  1. Why is the legal system so slow to adopt technology and consumer-centric solutions?
  2. What current technologies are shaking up the legal system?
  3. How is technology helping solve the issues surrounding access to justice?



Bre McCallister, Communication Mgr, Avvo

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