SXSW 2017

Let Your Big Data Drive Your Next Big Win

The importance of big data to business is undeniable. However, many still struggle to make sense of it and how to leverage it. The power of big data and what it can do for business has created many myths. We will debunk those myths and dive into the world of data science to understand the practical elements of what data scientists actually do.

We will examine data science as a business discipline, which is surprisingly not new. It was simply disguised under another name: business analytics. This perspective will reveal the macroscopic trend of data science. It illustrates how data science has evolved from descriptive, through predictive, to prescriptive analytics, and where it’s heading.

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  1. How are you making the most of your big data?
  2. What are the practical elements of what data scientists actually do?
  3. What are the guiding principles to leverage big data and turn them into insights that disrupt the market?



Nicol Addison, Sr Dir, Lithium Technologies Inc

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