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SXSW 2017

Augmenting reality, for real

We share the dream of getting digital media off screens and out into the real-world. But is putting a screen closer to your face (like a smartphone or headgear) really the best strategy? A different approach is possible: augmenting reality out in the world, rather than inside the screen. By mixing technologies (like projection, lighting, beacons, connected objects) we’re exploring new kinds of storytelling that bring people together, away from their isolating screens. This is the story of how we're doing it in the forest with three immersive, illuminated night walks across the Province of Quebec. It's also the story of a different approach to magically transforming the world around us.

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  1. How to totally transform the experience of a walk through the forest without putting a screen in front of your face
  2. How we can use a variety of technologies in symbiosis to create new kinds of collective entertainment that transform our surroundings and tell stories
  3. How to get digital media off the screen, into the environment so that people aren’t so isolated



Daniel Grigsby, Conceptor Copywriter, Moment Factory

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