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SXSWedu 2017

Using Mobile To Shape Your School Community

If you’re hearing from a school in 2016, you may be having flashbacks to the 90’s when communication relied on calls, emails, and snail mail. The staff at Bronx Lighthouse Charter School decided that parents needed to feel like they were active participants in school affairs, not just passive receivers of information. Together with Mobile Roadie, they created a mobile app designed to encourage an ongoing dialogue between parents, students, and staff. From parents participating in polls, to staff providing school safety updates, to children accumulating points for positive behavior, mobile technology allows everyone involved to collaborate and shape the future of the school community.

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  1. How can schools garner buy-in from various stakeholders to build a mobile app and how much does it cost?
  2. How can schools acquire users and incentivize parents to routinely use their app?
  3. What new technologies can make mobile apps even more useful for schools?



Sarah Hardy, Dir of Communications, Mobile Roadie

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