SXSW 2017

Live Streaming Music and Amplification Workshop

77 million millennials do not consume traditional media or advertising. 22% of the world’s smartphone owners use ad blockers. Brands have GOT to adopt new and better ways to reach consumers, or else.

Learn what more big brands know: the engagement numbers for live streaming of events like concerts and festivals is skyrocketing. Live streaming unlocks untold potential for brands to co-create immersive and engaging experiences fans love. In partnership with agencies and promoters, this model provides greater value and return versus the traditional ad and promo models.

Presenting case studies, trends and analysis, you'll learn the formula for a successful live streaming event activation.

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  1. What's the business case for and the data behind the live streaming of concerts, festivals, and other types of events?
  2. What's the formula for a successful, engaging live streaming experience fans and consumers will love?
  3. Where is live streaming headed and how will it be impacted by new technologies, such as VR 360?



Kim Owens, Editor/, Kaffeine Buzz

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