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Unlocking Energy Data -- The Green Button

In early 2012, then-U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra challenged utilities across the country to develop a “Green Button,” that provides detailed customer usage information available for download in a simple, standard format. Utilities answered the call of the White House, committing to give users access to their data. From charts to graphs to widespread energy-based social games, applications educated and motivated consumers to participate in improving energy efficiency.

This session will recount how the administration leveraged the “power of the pulpit” to compel utilities to open data to their customers. And, it will highlight some of the most compelling use cases that have emerged in the new era of open energy data.

Finally, the session will give a vision of the future of open energy data and inspire application developers to participate in creating new, innovative apps to better connect people and their energy usage.

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Justin Segall, Founder & EVP, Simple Energy

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