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SXSW 2017

Everyone Has a Beacon: Now What?

As a proximity-based marketing channel, beacons have cultivated use cases that extend beyond brand messaging. In the event space, these include indoor navigation, streamlined check-in and attendee networking to name a few. Its power, lies in the deep insights marketers can extract from user interactions and the challenge becomes driving participation for a complete view of the attendee journey.
This session explores a new wave in beacon technology that incorporates wearable smart badges on attendees to drive greater opt-in rates and participation. Learn about new capabilities and untapped use cases that are slated to maximize impact - for brands, sponsors and attendees alike.

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  1. What problems do smart badges solve and what is the impact on show organizers, exhibitors and attendees?
  2. How can personal beacons take current use cases to the next level?
  3. What new revenue opportunities exist for show organizers?



Anisha Padamshi, Mktg Coord, Eventbase Technology Inc.

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