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Do Great Things: Your Role In the Human Project

We have greater capacity to change the world today than kings and presidents of 50 years ago. Technologists have astonishing leverage to tackle the biggest problems and take on bold missions. And, facing severe threats to our long-term survival, it's essential we use our gifts to foster happiness and alleviate suffering, for us and our fellow beings.
We have the opportunity to come together to create unprecedented global human thriving. This talk describes a vision for World-Wide Collaboration in which humanity acts coherently and with purpose, each contributing our unique gifts to the Project of building our future. Justin will explore how a radical shift in global consciousness from Me to We and a revolution in communication tech that will empower us to coordinate our collective action effortlessly -- expanding the scope of the work we can do -- culminate in a Central Nervous System for the human organism, and the opportunity to consciously co-design the evolution of humanity.




Emilie Cole, communications, LaunchSquad

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