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SXSW 2017

Open Geo in the Age of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, the game that has users all over the world searching for virtual pocket monsters, has been a runaway success. Beyond augmented reality, Pokemon Go is the first game of its scale that relies so fundamentally on geospatial technology. The panel will bring together experts from the US Census Bureau, developers of open source location services, statisticians who mine geospatial data and designers of tools that allow the public to analyze geospatial data sources to ask: could it have been built on top of open source software and data? If so how could the massive amounts of data produced be used to for public good? What insights would it afford researchers of our shared environments?

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  1. What is the current state of the open data and open source geospatial technologies and could these be used to create something like Pokemon Go?
  2. What kind of research and opportunities does geospatial data enable, how can it be used to join with other data and enrich its value?
  3. Does it matter that Pokemon Go is another massive closed data collection silo and what should that mean fro open data and technologies?



Stuart Lynn, Map Scientist, Carto

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