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SXSW 2017

Embrace Digital Disruption to Reinvent Healthcare

While healthcare has lagged behind other industries in adopting new, disruptive technologies, consumer expectations have continued to shift. We live in a world where convenience trumps all, and most services are available at the push of a button. Why can’t healthcare be the same? This panel will discuss how delivery models can transform the way patients experience and access healthcare and how Baylor Scott & White Health has embraced digital innovations by collaborating with entrepreneurs and startups to redesign traditional care models and simplify complex problems.

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  1. Who stands to be disrupted in the healthcare industry? And what could the price of disruption be for consumers?
  2. How can you champion investment in digital disruption internally to lead the charge for innovation within your organization? And how can you find col
  3. What problems do healthcare providers and consumers want entrepreneurs to solve at scale?



Nikki Moll, VP of PR, Baylor Scott & White Health

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