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Labia Saturation: Are We There Yet?

Kristen. Lena. Amy. Tina. Zooey. Mindy. Chelsea. Whitney. Have we finally gotten there? These are leading women, Emmy-showered superstars, boffo box office, writers of their own punchlines - and destinies. Have they made it in the old world or are they creating a new one? When Lee Aronsohn complained of "labia saturation" in comedy, was that a good sign or a reminder that no one ever complains about cock? If Adam Corolla is still working, is that proof that the system is broken?
This panel will look at the sea change for women in comedy over the past few years, and examine what that's meant for actors, writers, directors, and gatekeepers - and what still could use some work. I know, I know, we should just stop complaining and be funnier, right? Where's a good Daniel Tosh rape joke when you need it?

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Rachel Sklar, Founder, Change The Ratio

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