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SXSW 2017

Alexa, Cortana, Siri & Viv: getting the UX right

Voice interfaces have been a part of popular culture by way of movies and television for decades, and have been used in business and home environments sparingly since. Voice has seen mainstream acceptance in the last few years, primarily through smartphones, and we’re now genuinely at the tipping point where voice as an interface will become “baked” into almost every digital product, service or application. Whether it's transforming how you use home appliances or working as an elegant solution for accessibility, voice UI will change the technological landscape, and it’s going to happen quickly. How do we use what we already know about human language and interaction to get the UX right?

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  1. How will voice interfaces become more prevalent in coming years?
  2. How do we take our knowledge about human language and interaction to make voice UI better?
  3. How will voice improve accessbility?


  • Siri Mehus, Principal UX Researcher, Blink UX


Siri Mehus, Blink UX

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