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SXSW 2017

The Art of the Industrial Enterprise Deal

The large industrial enterprise customer is the holy grail to many small startups. With lots of capital to invest in new technology paired with aging legacy systems and inefficient processes, these customers need the products and platform that innovative startups offer.

And yet, most make the same mistakes in product development and sales. These mistakes typically fall into three categories: not understanding the problem you are solving, setting up false expectations, and lead with the wrong sales metrics.

I will talk you through the lessons I have learned over the last eight years and how to course-correct if you are already making these mistakes.

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  1. How do you develop products and platforms that will attract large industrial customers as a startup?
  2. How do you structure your sales and product development processes to meet the needs of large industrial customers?
  3. How does the industrial enterprise sales cycle work?



Rachel Nitschke, Mktg, ChaiOne

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