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SXSW 2017

Why We Need a Data Standard For The Food Industry

In most cases, moving food from farm to table is an incredible feat of horizontal integration. If we’re to keep pace in a rapidly modernizing world, the food industry needs to do a lot more to coordinate our efforts to cultivate, process, distribute, and sell food. We’ve never had as much data for food as we do now, but, for the most part, our data remain siloed and underutilized.

Now more than ever, the food industry needs a data standard.

Leveraging today’s data collection technologies and analytics, we can transform information into actionable intelligence, integrate the various stages of the supply chain and improve the way we efficiently and safely feed the world.

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  1. What technological considerations do we need to have when creating a data standard that is applicable from end to end of the supply chain?
  2. How will a data standard impact the horizontal integration of the food supply chain and impact the conversation from farmer to manufacturer?
  3. What safety considerations do we need to keep in mind when opening our data information to the entire supply chain?



Brittany Solano, PR & Mktg , Jones-Dilworth Inc

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