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SXSW 2017

Violence Against Women - Fighting back with STEM

Violence Against Women is everybody’s business. Our panel will discuss progressive methods for addressing domestic violence and sexual assault with a data-driven approach. Using data already available in law enforcement and social services databases, we can create applications and services to predict and deter violent crimes against women. Hear from two women entrepreneurs, Susan Scrupski and Andrea Ricaurte, who’ve been working tirelessly to launch STEM solutions to solve the social epidemic that is ground zero in the fight against violent crime worldwide. The entrepreneurs will be joined by leading experts on Violence Against Women.

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  1. How can technology aid in the battle to address violence against women?
  2. What are the challenges to an open data approach when privacy and security of victims is always a pressing concern?
  3. Who is succeeding in the U.S. with data-driven approaches to domestic violence and sexual assault?



Susan Scrupski, CEO/Founder, Big Mountain Data

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