SXSW 2017

Cannabis: Keep Your Career, Change Your Industry


Cannabis: Keep Your Career, Change Your Industry will be an engaging meet-up group designed to connect individuals interested in learning more about the cannabis industry with professionals who can speak to the professional opportunities that exist. This event will discuss how traditional careers, such as Accounting, Marketing or Information Technology, exist within the cannabis space. We aim to dispel misconceptions that the cannabis industry consists of solely marijuana enthusiasts, and will instead showcase some of the extremely talented individuals who have found themselves working in this exciting new industry. Join us to learn more about entering the cannabis business.

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  1. How can my past professional experiences be leveraged within the cannabis sector?
  2. What are the first steps to finding a position within the cannabis industry, without having any cannabis industry experience?
  3. How similar or dissimilar is the cannabis industry from other start-up industries, such as high-tech?



Karson Humiston, Pres, Vangst Talent

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