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SXSW 2017

Eye in the Sky: Turning Satellite Data into Cash

Newton taught us that what goes up, must come down. When it comes to satellites, the number of them being sent into orbit is huge but the amount of data coming down is out of this world. So who’s processing the data and ensuring it gets to the right people? This session explores the business of satellite imagery–from players sending satellites into space to those making sense of data coming down to those turning the data into maps sensible to the human eye. We’ll explore ways businesses use imagery from thousands of miles up to solve real-world problems, while illuminating lesser known ways this data could help make businesses smarter. Because you don’t know what you don’t know…but we do.

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  1. Are there limits to what I can/can’t do with satellite imagery? How can it help my business?
  2. How is satellite imagery being applied to industries today? What can we expect five years from now?
  3. What advancements have been made to make satellite imagery a possibility? Why now?



Meredith Klee, Mgr, Inner Circle Labs

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