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SXSW 2017

Back to Basics: Why Brands Are Betting on Stories

There’s nothing like a good story – they delight, captivate and motivate. Sometimes, the best stories not only move us emotionally, but also physically drive us to action (i.e. purchase).
Marketers are embracing storytelling as a way to reach consumers. In fact, when it comes to advertising, 67% of Gen Z want stories. As a result, brands are looking beyond the YouTuber to a different type of influencer: the humble writer – those at the heart of the gripping novel, blockbuster film or emotional ad.
In this session, a writer, a leading brand and Wattpad’s Head of Global Brand Solutions will explore how stories impact brand-building and the social platforms that shape how stories get told.

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  1. What power does storytelling hold over consumers, and why do consumers react positively to story-centered marketing?
  2. How are brands tapping writers to reach Gen Z audiences in their marketing campaigns?
  3. Which platforms are shaping the way stories are told and how are brands utilizing them across campaigns?



Jo Chiaramonte, Account Mgr, Allison+Partners

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